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The power of your subconscious mind

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What is your subconscious?

Your subconscious can be seen as a kind of huge storage system or a supercomputer.

Everything you have learned and experienced in your entire life is stored there. This starts very early, even before you are born you experience things in the womb. Approximately from the last trimester of pregnancy.

Everything you then see, smell, hear, taste, feel and experience from birth is automatically stored as information. Everything that happens in the successive years is all stored and from the information, programs are created. All your habits, patterns, experiences, and your automatic behavior are controlled by your subconscious.

What is the function of your subconscious?

The function of your subconscious is to keep you safe in life. That’s it. Not to make you happy, because it has no discernment. It does not judge. It only executes programs that have been put into it.

Furthermore, it is responsible for all the functions in your body. It makes your heartbeat, it makes the liver and intestines do their job, etc. Just like your computer’s software, it’s made to run all programs efficiently. So you don’t have to remember every two seconds to let your heartbeat, for example. It can do millions of processes at once. Automatic. While your conscious thinking mind can only do 7 to 9.

Who wrote those programs in your subconscious?

They originated when you were very little. Every baby learns by observing and imitating how things ‘should be’. If you have children, you probably recognize this. How your little one literally imitates an entire phone call, for example. With the exact same intonation and all the mimicry and gestures of you or your partner.

Everything your parents and educators teach you is simply accepted and stored as complete truth. Without filters, because as a child you don’t have filters yet. And that is important to know because the subconscious later becomes the system from which you function. Your blueprint or manual on how to safely live life.

The programs in your subconscious are mainly created by taking over from your parents and educators. For example, there is a program for brushing teeth, but also how to behave as a girl/boy, what ‘we’ think of the neighbor, of the community, and of the world. What is possible and what is not allowed, how you think about yourself, your role in life, money, work, your body, sex, other cultures, and so on. There are thousands of programs in your subconscious.

From around the age of 6, the conscious brain slowly arises and forms a kind of layer over your subconscious, so that the patterns and programs are safely anchored and you can start living your life safely. And the older you get, the more all programs become autopilot. You are therefore not aware of this, because it is normal.

Why do I work with the subconscious?

But what if you want to change something? You are now an adult and you notice that you find it very difficult to stand up for yourself. Or you find yourself still haunted by the experiences of your childhood. You would like to change this and improve your self-esteem and with your head (conscious) you even know-how. You’ve played these scenarios hundreds of times. And yet it doesn’t work. You just can’t get it done, no matter how hard you practice. At the supreme moment, you still fall back into your old pattern.

That is the power of your subconscious mind in perfect working action. This means there are two forces at work there. The conscious part wants something and the subconscious wants to keep everything safe and the same. Prevent you from experiencing pain again. Subconscious is 95% in charge, consciously 5%. Who’s going to win? Right. The greatest strength.

It is often difficult for us to understand why the subconscious is holding on to those traumas and old patterns. Isn’t it logical that you want to leave it behind? Of course, it is. But your subconscious has its own ‘logic’: Preventing you from ending up in the same painful situation again. And so he tries to protect you by triggering, sabotaging, or hindering you.

So do you want to change something in your life and you notice resistance? Then you will have to put your subconscious to work. Talking alone won’t achieve it. With willpower and perseverance, you can’t get this done either.

That is why I use PSYCH-K, a method that actually reaches your subconscious and involves it in the process. So you can use the full power of your entire mind so changing becomes suddenly very easy. You don’t have to fight anymore. Working together with your subconscious is the key!

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